When the Darkness takes over….

We have all been there, and some of you are there now? Lost thinking is this what I sign up for, is this my life who am I, is this it. Well, 3 years ago I came to a full stop in my life. I was the CEO of my own Company, a company I establish with my business partner back in 2004.


About me,  I´m 45 years old, married and together we have 5. children together which in today world is odd. It is more common that families merge together, everybody getting an extra sibling and a new “parent”. That can be a tricky and a lot of work to make two family functioning, dealing with ex and different set of house rules. So in that way, I´m extremely lucky, we have been together for 15 years and counting. 🙂 So my life is not so difficult

in that terms, the business was just okay.




My sole focus has been on the company making sure that my employee and partners would get there salary, I was always last to get money to my otherwise big household. So when it came in the summer of 2014 July, we were on a holiday with all the kids and one extra kid as well so 6.kids and my wife and myself. We headed to the west of Iceland to a friends house, where we would stay for some days. The weather was not so bad, it had rain for some time ago so the ground was wet, and the skies were clearing up. I parked the car a van so we could let the kids out and take all the luggage out and settle in the house.Once that was finished I intended to move the car and park it out of sight, so we could enjoy the view. And now comes the BIG Revelation I could not move the car it was stuck on a level ground, it was just spinning the wheels and had no traction, at this time it hit me I was LOST, stuck in a hole and could not move, I was at my breaking point at this time, thinking about how I was not good enough for my wife and kids, they deserved better. And boy was I negative (still to this day I wonder why my wife did not divorce at this time.) Luckily for me, she did not. So imagine this you are on a leveled ground but you have no traction you are just spinning wheels but not going anywhere, you feel hopeless and lost.Then somewhere in my mind was a cell that knew what to do, call for help ask someone to shed a new light on the situation. And so that is what I did. This feeling of hopelessness and lack of traction was my turning point, since that day I slowly started MY journey to MY life. I started to put my needs first and then others. So I fired my self from the company, there was no joy there for me and I just needed to shift gears. I wanted to give my shares away to other owners but I was not allowed, my partner forbid me to do so. 🙂 So I kept just a small %. NOW I needed a vehicle to add fun, freedom to my life. Then the BIG question is what is it I love to do. I adore traveling the world, meet interesting people and surround yourself with people who have a mission to change there lives and others as well. And I found my vehicle who just does all that. It gives me access to travel all over the world with unheard of prices, people who thrive to create more fun and joy in their life and earn money as well. Now you are thinking this sound too good to be true, AND IT IS TRUE. I have to work for it does not happen overnight the main part I love doing it, and my goal is in 30.June 2022 I can Retire if I choose so. And now I´m inviting you to join me, my wife Erna and my friend Gunnar and his fiance Sadie to take a look at what we are doing and watch this on-demand webinar where we explain what we do. So click on this link and we will see you soon. Go to webinar