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To move towards you true life.

All of us have had that feeling that somethings are missing but we can´t quite figure it out what it is. When we are in the state of wondering about our life, fear creeps in and we get distracted from our thoughts and loose control and the past keeps popping up our minds previous failures action not taken and the voice, yeah the voice that tells us what are you thinking about, there is nothing missing you should be happy with what you have, no need to move you have tried before and failed why wait time to do it again. This is the time to start listen to your inner voice and figuer out where the content is coming from, and why is it there, is in anyway helpful for you, if not you need to take action and kick it, it is not paying any rent anyways. Our fear is exist because we do not know our self , we are not aware of our footprint, what defines us to be who you are, we are not suppose to reflect on what the society want all it does is to magnifies our fears and keep us in the dark, shivering with fear. Once we go and stand up and faces our fear, meaning get to know who you really are, fear leaves and you stay more happy, and have better understanding for your self. You stop to imitate the lives of others and begins to live your life for your reason. so the best way to get rid of fear is to go within and find out who you truly are.