The word Coaching is quite self ­explanatory – coaching your life toward a set goal

This is methodology that is meant to improve life and maximize its quality, with clear goals in mind. A life

coach helps those who want in order to have a better grasp on some aspects of their lives. He seeks to find the best in each and every one; he looks for strengths and activates responsibility, focusing on possibilities of making the necessary changes in order to reach goals, always.

At Leadercoachingonline it is possible to choose between some paths in coaching. They are a mixture of seminars, webinars conversations and Skype communications. Each path is set up for a set monthly payment for three months.
Student path: For all students in upper secondary schools, colleges, and universities, who are looking for their paths in life. Participants become skilled in setting goals for their studies and become proficient at reaching those.

Manager path: For managers, owners of businesses and entrepreneurs who want to get an overview and be able to manage all sides of their lives. They need to be ready for the project: “I, me, and my self.”

Goal setting path: For all individuals who want to quit procrastinate and fear. They need to be ready to look inside and form their lives anew.


My philosophy is

The way out is the way In.

— Finding your two most powerful qualities
— Take control and sit behind the wheel on your own life.
— Life on your terms.
— Lifting you up to 30,000 feet. massive overview and clarity
— The vision and the path to it
— Loosing fear from your life.
— Balancing your whole life
— Finding your own value and goals.
— Be happy.