About US

Ingólfur Þór Tómasson (Ingo) is a life coach/ communication coach. As a working coach and public speaker. He is able to speak from experience of being in the position of both an Owner and a Managing Director as well as now being successfully self-employed for over a decade.

In addition to working at different levels of position within company structures and using his natural Integrating talent, he has operated in different countries too. Iceland, Denmark and Norway. Utilizing and perfecting his Language skills of Danish, English, Norwegian and his native mother tongue of Icelandic.

He uses his vast experience from his life in his coaching, His clientele are people from all walks of life. CEO´s, board-members, lawyers, housewife’s, carpenters and inmates on the way out to life outside of penitentiary. Ingo’s passion is getting to the crux of the situation and bringing to your attention your strengths and your objectives in a way that reduces your own searching and investigation, Whilst simultaneously putting it into practice. He has been there and done it and will welcome the opportunity sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with you.

Whether you are an individual or a group he can tailor sessions for you, or your small to mid-sized company. His main emphasis is to find the core of peoples life values and bring it out to the open. To live life to the fullest and to play hard work hard comes straight from the heart with him. He will demonstrate to you the main issues of taking responsibility for one self and thus enjoying as many hours as possible in work or at play with those significant others: friends, co-workers, relatives and family.

Ingólfur Þór is married to the love of his life “Erna” and they have five children. He enjoy´s traveling with his wife and family and cooking for them all and his friends and family as this is another great quality he possess.

You can also see him in the “coachingmovie” LEAP where he is one of the featured coaching expert. Among names like Michael Serwa, John Gray, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield and Mark Thompson and many more.       The film is expected to air in 2017.-2018  See the cast her. LEAP

And now he is here for you.