Life coaching

One on one in the comfort of your home.

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Executive coaching

Executive coaching

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Webinars / Conference

Powerful and targeted goals and life values.

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Live stream from the Coaching movie.

What is Life Coaching.

Life Coaching

The word Life Coaching is quite self­explanatory – coaching your life toward a set goal.

This is methodology that is meant to improve life and maximize its quality, with clear goals in mind. A life

coach helps those who want in order to have a better grasp on some aspects of their lives. He seeks to find the

best in each and every one; he looks for strengths and activates responsibility, focusing on possibilities of making

the necessary changes in order to reach goals, always.

Join me in L.A October 10-11 in a Coaching MasterClass

Remember the power to change things in your life, comes from within your self.
If you feeel that the time or the urge to change, take a moment to take inventory as from today.
Lift your self up to 30,000 feet and draw up your future. Let go of the past,
let the heart control and let life flow on its own. 

What they say

If you prefer a coach who is not afraid of going straight to core issues to direct you immediatly in the correct direction, then you should meet with Ingolfur. I met him on four occations and sensed his strong will mixed with compassion, both of which are necessary ingredients of high quality coahing. Some of the discoveries made were uncomfortable, because they called for change. But that is exactly why Ingolfur is a coach for people who are ready to let go of fear to start a journey directed from their hearts.

Ólafur Kr. Valdimarsson
Managing Director
Bank Employees' Pension Fund


I have known Ingólfur for twenty years and hold him in highest regards. He does not hesitate to take on new and challenging projects when opportunities arise. Ingolf has always followed all his assignments with enthusiasm and care which has produced great results and good practice. It's good to be around Ingólfur for he has great humor, is loyal to his friends and colleges, artistic, organized and has the capability to easily impress others around with happiness, creativity and good character.

- Erlendur Eiríksson